Deathtrap Dungeon:

The Interactive Video Adventure

Available now for:
Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android

"narrated by Eddie Marsan and with an attractive interface, it's surprisingly refreshing."
- Metro

"Narrator Eddie Marsan is a bona fide storytelling wizard, and quite possibly the world’s best Dungeon Master"
 - Wireframe

“A compelling and immersive retelling of an RPG classic in a new and enticing medium.”
 - Invision Community

"Branching Narrative have given this Fighting Fantasy game the love it deserves, resulting in what is probably the best interactive movie I have ever played."

"Marsan's earnest and endlessly watchable performance lifts it to a different level"
- Irish Independent

"extremely fun, faithful and worth far more than its price."
- Tom’s Hardware Italy

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